Thursday, December 16, 2004

Live Action Feature Films

While the Green Goblin has appeared numerous times in the various animated series, the first live action appearance was in the blockbuster feature film Spider-Man (2002), which starred Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn. Gwen Stacy is not in the movie, and instead, Mary Jane Watson is threatened by the Green Goblin.
Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)His son, Harry Osborn feels resentful towards him as the father seems to favor Peter Parker, his friend. Norman Osborn is the head of Oscorp, a company that has a contract with the United States Military. Osborn becomes Green Goblin during tests of his device, and kills a co-worker. When a man dies in the test of a flight machine, the military decides to hand over the contract to another company, the Green Goblin appears and kills higher-ups in the military who were present. Osborn is later ejected out of the company by the board of directors.
The Goblin kills the board of directors at a World's Fair, and inadvertantly almost killed Mary Jane Watson. When Spider-Man finds that he is vilified in newspapers and that Mary Jane is going out with Harry, the Green Goblin tries to get Spider-Man on his side, but Spider-Man refuses.
The enraged Green Goblin finds out Spider-Man's identity and he proceeds to injure Aunt May in an attack against her. He then kidnaps Mary Jane Watson and tells Spider-Man that he must choose either to save her or to save a group of children in a cable car. Both are thrown off the Queensborough Bridge, yet Spider-Man manages to save the children and Mary Jane, as opposed to the bridge scene in the comic book, which ended in the death of Spider-Man's sweetheart.
The Green Goblin gets into a final battle with Spider-Man after telling him that he plans to torture and kill Mary Jane. After being defeated, the Norman personality came in, asking Spider-Man to forgive him while at the same time secretly directing his flying machine to impale Spider-Man from behind. Spider-Man sensed the attack and dodged, and the machine killed the Green Goblin instead. His death caused Harry Osborn, his son, to hate Spider-Man.
In Spider-Man 2, Harry's obsession with defeating Spider-Man lead him into a brief alliance with Doctor Octopus, an alliance that lead to Harry's discovery of Peter's secret identity. Harry subsequently hallucinated his father in a mirror, echoing a similar scene from the first film; when Harry shattered the mirror, he discovered his father's hidden Green Goblin costume and arsenal. Whether this means Harry becomes the second Green Goblin, or realizes that his father was a murderous psychopath that Peter likely killed in self defense has yet to be revealed in future films.


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